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Stroud Short Stories

If you want the chance to read one of your stories in front of an audience, try this: (Judy, Alex or Rick can tell you what it’s all about)

Stroud Short Stories: Love and Other Blows of Fate
The deadline for our “Love and Other Blows of Fate” event is now Sunday 22nd January (having been put back a week to accommodate the creative lethargy of the Christmas period).
So there is still time to send in your stories of passion and woe, of lust and loss, of love as pure as the driven snow or as smutty as a chimneystack …
Stories can be between 50 and 1500 words long.  Very short stories are particularly welcome.  True stories are as welcome as fictional ones.
Please email your stories to stroudshortstories@yahoo.co.uk
Relight your fire, rekindle your desire, in time for Stroud Short Stories’  “Love and Other Blows of Fate”!
(The event will take place on Sunday 12th February, 2012)

Formatting your post

If you want to control the format of your post, I don’t recommend formatting it in the program you wrote the text.  This is because different programs can apply formatting codes differently. You can post from Word, but the results can be unexpected – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

If you have set up for a new post, you will have in front of you an edit box with two tabs at the top right hand corner: “Visual” and “HTML”. The latter is, as you might expect, for people who speak HTML, so not recommended if you just want a straightforward post – select the “Visual” tab. At the top of the edit box are a set of buttons. Put the mouse over a button and wait for the popup – it will give you a hint about what it does.

Once you have copied the text from your document, click anywhere inside the edit box then click on the “Paste as plain text” button (it’s the one with the “T” on it). Your text will appear in the default paragraph style. To illustrate what you can do, I have posted some text from a notepad document.

“I am the text from a notepad document

I have been pasted as plain text so I can illustrate that it is possible to format paragraphs in the following ways

centre text

right justify text

change the font colour

indent the text by one

or more


Insert a ♠ or a Ω or any number of weird characters

There are even special paragraph styles (this is heading 2)

But remember that formats apply to paragraphs,

so if you want to change the format of the next line,

you have to make it a new paragraph.

Line spacing is a bit weird in WordPress, so you will have to play with it to work it out. If you insert a paragraph break, it sometimes inserts an extra line for some reason. You can delete the one above the next paragraph.

This is the last line of the text from the notepad document.”