A Thunderstorm over Rome

As suddenly as I was woken by the first a second crack, thud and thump went racing through the still, night atmosphere. It was as though the night sky were being savoured in two by a gigantic whip. The thrill that raced through my veins, penetrating every corner of my sleepy body, filled me with immense excitement.

Every time my body was about to surrender to its sleepy endorphins, thunderclaps catapulted it back into reality. Once conscious again it seemed as though I had known the clap was coming. It was as though time began to move like a pendulum, swinging between various states of consciousness.

This continued for what seemed an eternity, while outside rain began to pour ferociously, calming the anguished clouds. Eventually all that could be heard was the monotonous patter of rain on soggy ground and my consciousness escaped again and curled itself into a fetal position until it awoke to a sunny morning.

A Broken Image in 360°

From behind, the metallic void seems all pervasive, yet as the angular gap narrows a stark two dimensional profile emerges.

90° along, the immense head-dress towering above the downcast face allows the queen-like figure to shine in all its arrogant glory, patronising everything in view of its half-formed features.

Only a few degrees further the face softens and sorrow fills its eye as it glances into an empty space, completely overwhelmed by the heavy burden framing its existence.

270° from its absent beginning the face has grown whole, revealing its androgynous beauty. Even the angles of its head-dress seem more symmetrical and harmonious, disguising the void that lurks only 90° away.

-written at Bob’s house on 30.08.2011, based on a sculpture he did inspired by the war in Sarajevo.