I spied her



I spied her

on the other 

side of the path  

 fastening on  to a twig

churning over and over  

the same repeating thought

 fanning the vast endless void  

creating from her own tiny point   

trying to make new connections land.

A fly fisherman casting a noiseless thread

scheming the boulder with a torrent either side

not letting anyone know her methodical curdling. 


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About blackettwriter

Marcus gained notoriety for his book: “The seven deadly sins”. Spotting a sales opportunity, he released one chapter at a time, trying cash in. The second chapter:"Gluttony" is famous for its first line: "Marcus was born with a spoon in his mouth". Then came “Sloth” which he never finished. By the time “Envy” came out he was wishing he'd started writing about something else. The fifth chapter is called “I-I-Irony" was on its way to becoming an international bestseller but he had to withdraw it for false representation. Furious with Random House, who published it, he went on a terrifying rampage, shouting: "I'll show you the meaning of the word "random" while smashing the place up. For this, he spent a short spell at her Majesty's pleasure. While bending over to pick up a bar of soap, he got the will to go on. Contritely, the last book is entitled: "Pride hurts".

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