If you were to rub your eyes.

If you were to rub your eyes

and think again

you will remember, (though you’re struggling with the memory now),

you asked me

what sort of flowers they were,

but I only remembered their scent;

I was afraid to let you know my ignorance.

I walk in the opposite direction

I walk

in the opposite direction to everyone else

going about the business of the day

meeting no one

everyone has fear etched upon their faces

and wisps of grey fog in their mouths

heads bowed

intent on not meeting someone’s eye

trying to be on time

like school children behind their desks

before the master walks in.

I spied her



I spied her

on the other 

side of the path  

 fastening on  to a twig

churning over and over  

the same repeating thought

 fanning the vast endless void  

creating from her own tiny point   

trying to make new connections land.

A fly fisherman casting a noiseless thread

scheming the boulder with a torrent either side

not letting anyone know her methodical curdling. 


Flash News – ‘Imperfect’ Book Launch – 19th May @Black Books Cafe, Stroud, 7.30pm

Maria Stadnicka

Front cover design: @Andrew Morrison

We had to stop the car several times.

Weeks of anxious waiting finally ended.

A new, small, wrinkled, bloody, placental book


It had a natural birth and I called it ‘Imperfect’.

The book launch will be on Friday 19th May 2017, at Black Books Cafe, Stroud. 7.30pm for 8pm start. Free entry.

The book is available for pre-order at mariastadnicka@yahoo.co.uk.

The evening will be a vibrant performance with poetry and music, featuring Maria Stadnicka, Adam Horovitz, Katie McCue and ‘Souled and Healed’.

Yew Tree Press – Philip Rush

Design and printer – Andrew Morrison

Books, drinks, sounds will be available! Come along!

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