Indian Eye


If, for one blink

I saw as you see

in your cobalt eyes

I would die in that apparition.

Idea of self shatter to fragments.


You observe so closely, so remotely.

Is it ‘I’ that those lenses receive

Or some other arrangement of creation?

Meeting your un-blinking gaze

A black hole opens.

Never so l close as this where I come from –

The managed world.

Your dark discretion always at a distance

– branch or wire –

Or commanding your faultless composition

from way up there.


Here, in this random,

Clashed land of spiced hearts,

You reign, pecking on rotting corpse

or, as now, a few inches

from my plate of rice, unruffled.

Kra      Kra

you called your name,

long before human utterance.

I fade to a shade in the swoop

of your flight into your universe

with a grain of rice.







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