I may be only a 50p biro but when your fingers

close about my clear plastic shaft –

thumb and fore fingers pressing down – I feel

the tremors vibrating through my dark juices

to my silver tip from where they flow

into any shapes you want.  I maybe cheap

but I’m as classy as you could ever want

and  I am wanton – and I know no rule –

so make me do what ever you desire –

my sighs are silent

I am your slave, don’t be afraid.

I will reveal your darkest, sweetest,

most hidden secrets

surprise you with what you didn’t know you knew.

Be afraid and pass right through that thin skin

To Zanadu, to paradise and hell  – yours,

to reveal the longing of now,

for ever and ever



Tuesday 23rd October


I wasn’t able to attend this evening  because Dennis, our family cat, was put down this afternoon. Dennis was a real character and a full member of the family, so we are a little upset.He will be sorely missed.

We have a new link in the Blogroll “Radical Stroud”

I’m still working on my guide to using “Normal for Stroud” and should be able to circulate it this week.




Washed by tides

With sheep eye pleading;

Lit by shards of sunlit sand

A silent echo, lone and lifeless

Drowned by time in desert lands                

A watcher wary

Wandering, wondering

Spots the stony eye of time

Petrified and isolated

Tumbled from its grave of lime

At ocean’s edge as tides uncover

Bony rocks to lie unseen

The life that stalked

That swam in oceans

Silted from an ancient seam


Forever and Ever

We’ve arrived at the last page of this black bound note book, my pen and I.

Wet lozenges of light skid into oblivion across the glass sloping over my head.

Imagine God arriving at the end of creation and he’s still got a bucket –

(an early useful invention) of stars to fling about and some half

finished clay doodles to do something with –

and when he sets it all spinning – he’s already practised with a top –

there might be some collisions, a re-arranging of orbits but by and large

it all fits – no  pattern of course – nothing before and there won’t be any

after.  This is it. Forever and Ever and what keeps it going  –  his joke – are these

incomplete clay figures.  Stroke of genius – ‘cos they will keep on and on

trying to figure out what they are missing and how and why it all works.

That’s why I’m surrounded by books…seemingly endless

computations of  words…….ah yes, he added them last of all just to be sure

chaos persisted – forever and ever – in the mind…that his final flourish after fox,

crow, snake, ant, elephant, cheetah, gorilla etc –

Cleverness….the best of all his illusions…oh, and………………………  laughter.


Tuesday 16th October

At this evening’s meeting (which was very good by the way) I promised to revive the blog. Over the next few seeks I’ll be doing things to encourage members to start posting again, and to provide help for new (or forgetful) members to join in. In the meantime here is a bit of information.

Pamphlet 15

My proposal for the theme of the next pamphlet is “Belonging”. The only reason I’ve suggested it is because I recently wrote a piece called “Immigrant”, which is about the search for an ancestor of mine. So basically if you can produce something vaguely along the same lines it will save me having to come up with something new.

Until we have decided who is going to be editor, I have volunteered to collate the pieces. In practice that means if you send me a piece by email or post something here I will put it in a document.

If we keep to the same rules as last time they will be:

  • Words only (no pictures)
  • No more than a side and a half of A4