After student re-cycling show at sva…ha!

Treadmill brain jerked jolted jimmied – a face behind shop window plated platted glass hooplay sidestep her fingers spread lapidary luminous lap dancer – tender sprites quaint quintessence of quaternary circumnavigation tea time trollop tripping  p’s or q’s oopla pyramid pic n trix probiscus pipe pompour penis pah. Catastrophe of technology scream screen diamand jubilleee- predators pre-destined despots circling hungry flies on gore, jarred frogs in formaldehyde, phew  xray contusions – scatlogical incisions scissored liver cauterflied surgeons somniferous sambuccas screaming – probiscus pivoting away – up and over the triumphal arch – verdigris and valium – verrukhas in Valhalla valedictory vanquishment – hoe green the valley of the blue forgotten hill – rue rabid  rabbit run over the rubicon and afar.  Flatter no mess is deep enough to lose breach languish laboriously jettison curse of jehova, noa, Jerimiah – jackels prawn in hinterland –  I say I says aye bah bah boo blood – black opium stripes stagnant lochs of galore and incense myrrh and myra conjoined – copulating   crib – mulish mawkish mesopotamia – jerricho and soddom ouch calabash of clitorii and floppy floozy fourskins angels down whispered to putrid puddles of ire – iridescent fathoms deep drink  ink spots stargazers, geezers in trench coats stooped in puddles of jissom – holy holy buttons and breeze afloat and flung welcome anchorage astephan and castellated winds anally projected smooth sloped doing detritus and dewy cheeks half in half under sweet the pitch and flail all hail not tail of fire no mercy cry pipe pope pius pings Euphrates torched a jeroboam whiskey the arse calabash calaban supping dildo brow draped drastically damnation blotched nether hinder nor succour screemed stukka stitched in dream of nought  a bunny hop away wretched wrought rancour ruminating the pot oer’flowing – dribble dram reminder – heigh heaven portside only – after you ole mate – leeward thrust a cockney step – go lightly abyss or vernicular valium dinged disgust disguised . Major Jonks RME by right a bounder a bluff stoke to boschs’ mare breugels udders quoth a quaff of chagg phew in the gallow – a wifely wind vent to spleen- splendid labia wind sock gorgonzola ah brie ripening roller coaster leprachauns languishing mist over donegal and ne’er kiss an arse left behind – heave aboard  bard and buck up and away,,,,,


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