Is This Creative Writing?

Sorry, more religious stuff, but as there’s not been much posted recently…

I hate it when I hear people saying that the bible is behind the times or misogynistic . This quote from the book of Deuteronomy effectively answers those accusations:

If your ox gores your neighbour’s wife, restitution must be paid. Pay your neighbour 30 shekels.

If your ox gores your neighbour’s lawnmower, restitution must also be paid. Pay your neighbour 40 shekels.


 The bible: treating people equally for 2000 years. Or thereabouts.

2 thoughts on “Is This Creative Writing?

  1. Daryl, I’ve been struggling to find time to comment or post recently but once again you seem to be questioning your own talent unfairly so I am compelled to. Yes, this is most definitely creative, and, as always, a deliciously satirical commentary on religion (and its derivatives imho). Your humour is also current, in the sense that it is not old-fashioned (err… I’m not sure what I am trying to say here but it is meant to be complimentary).

    I suppose you have mentioned something along the lines of wanting to change the focus of your writing. Would you say you are after a new subject or a new approach or something like that? As you may have noticed, I myself have something of an obsession with the Severn Estuary, so I can understand to a certain extent. Has that made me a bad writer? (That’s a rhetorical question so please don’t answer.) I think, no matter the subject, we write what we know about and what is important to us. Is that such a bad thing?

    Do you think we should use part of our meetings to explore how to develop new ideas? I think I might benefit from that, so I would like to.

    • Hi Paul

      Thanks for the comments. I sometimes think I could do with a new subject or ‘muse’. I’m also aware that bashing religion could get a bit tiresome, although i try to guard against it becoming so.

      I suppose i write about Jesus/Christianity/religion because it’s an area where I’ve managed to scrape a tiny piece of knowledge on, and even then, i probably don’t know much more than the average person. There’s more things to be ignorant about than to know. That’s a good aphorism,isn’t it?:

      ‘There’s more things to be ignorant about than to know.’

      Do you know who said that? It was Pat Butcher off Eastenders. Wise lady.

      Yes, perhaps we could talk about this stuff at the meeting.

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