On Guilt

Guilty pleasures looming large

Against a backdrop of good advice

Leave red wine stains on the self esteem

Of those whose pleasures are termed a vice

Life’s little treats, like booze and eats

Lend light to grey in winter’s shade

When gloom pervades the joyless hour

And bills must wait for another day


Now doctors and professionals

Will lead us to confessionals

Reminding us to go and run and play

Deploring sadly lack of will

When smoking kills in winter chill

And vests prove insufficient shield against the day


Then guilt surrounds us

And pleasure confounds us

And one more drink is what we ask

It’s fair, it’s correct, and due for respect

But insufficient for the task

Be slim, be lithe, to stay alive

Be prudent, be solvent, be safe

Avoid sugar and fat

But there’s no fun in that

When one more chocolate is all that we crave




2 thoughts on “On Guilt

  1. “Leave red wine stains on the self esteem”

    I love that line – it’s an image that leaves no doubts. I wonder if that makes it a “concrete” image?

    Naive question: is the “speaker” saying they would like to overindulge but is prevented by guilt? Or is it the other way around (thank God for guilt…)?

    • it was prompted by government suggestions that pharmicists, nurses etc should grab every opportunity to advise us on our health and against over indulgence. It’s the age old dilemma – if you enjoy it then it’s probably bad for you!

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