Writing Rhymes

I’m going to a writing group

The boldest step I’ve taken

Through bravery to slavery

My freedom now forsaken

With biro tip

I let words skip

And hours pass away

In images, analogies

And woven words at play

In silken nouns

And deft pronouns

I let the rhythm drive

The thoughts that come

In sighs like song

When words are set alive

In perfect tense the past recalls

Imperfect memories linger

Alliteration, fast and fierce,

Falls from my aching finger

With adjectival phrase delightful

Adverbial clauses fight

In lengthy pauses for writing’s causes

And space on a Tuesday night


When Velvet Night

When velvet night draws down a blind

Against the smiling moon

The cool warmth of that silver eye

Reflects the heat of noon

As visions swim through memories

Of vivid lucid light 

The eye now reads in sunlit glare

The story book of night

The pages torn, the ink that spilt

The fractured theme of day

The voiceless sounds

The faceless names

The mind’s mystique at play

Through lidded eyes

And sound stopped ears

The visions fade too soon

And faces drown in moonlight

As darkness fills the room

Friendship (a true story)

It is said ‘some friendships are made in heaven’ and it could not have been more true than for the two professors, he of nuclear physics she also a physicist, unknown to each other until they met at the neat house on the edge of the town, unremarkable except for the cameras and coded locks.

It did not take them long to discover that they shared a conviction, which quite simply was, that they came from distant planets and were erroneously here on this one.  All their waking hours and likely many asleep were devoted to planning their return.  There was no question that they would go together, their origins were galaxies apart, so their plans were not complicated by any emotional expectations.  They had work to do.  He drew minutely detailed blueprints of the ship that would take him home.  An identical one would take her.

Such was their enthusiasm that others in the house began to believe that they too were from somewhere out there.  They found names for their ‘proper’ homes and could describe in detail the lives and shapes they had had and begged to join one or other of the returning vessels. When told they could not they began their own plans cribbing diligently from the nuclear physicist. The doctors and nurses were initially uneasy at this lunacy but saw the excitement generated and the collective focus and did not try to disillusion their charges.  Indeed the atmosphere in the house was calmer than it had ever been which made their work easier.

One star bright night in April they decided quite spontaneously that they could dispense with all the complicated drawing and simply beam themselves home from the rooftop.  They figured the code on the door with no difficulty, found a ladder and managed to get up onto the roof.

Hope did not confuse them, nor disillusion with the present.  They knew they could move faster than God so neither time nor distance were obstacles.   Their vision of where they were going was clear.  Amongst all the stars visible and beyond sight they knew their aim but, finding themselves still up there at dawn, they realized their calculations were not quite right so returned inside to fine tune their equations.

They are there now, in that house pouring over and adding to the blue prints tacked to the walls.  There are nearly always other residents, doctors and nurses standing gazing at the complicated drawings.  No questions; awe and wonder silenced all doubt.


First time I hear the word  I sad.

Sis holding my hand bending down,

‘wave’ she says as mum turns to look at us

as they help her

into the car with the light on top.

She looks  lost,  I don’t know

why she is going?        where?

I copy Sis – lift my arm flap my hand up and down.

I go down to the beach not long after

I want to do something       I     alone

‘you gotta be brave,’ my dad said

so I slipped out the back door.

Everyone   sad.

Sis, in her room crying,

Gran, frozen face in the kitchen

washing up, moving things around –

and Dad?

not here much.

They all told me over and over, don’t go down the cliff path

to the beach alone.  Only ever been once before

with Dad when we’d moved  to the new house

a day or two or three before Mum went off.

He’d had to carry me back up,

we didn’t stay long

‘cos the tide was in   he said.

I didn’t know the name for them – those roaring giants –

The wind so strong – I so small an light –

spray stinging my face

scared, so scared

crashing onto the sand over and over

and over – rising up out there rushing in –

crazy beasts  nothing could stop.

I let go of myself – yelled an yelled

felt my crying pour over my face.

I wanted to run into the frothing

lose myself in the toss and tumble

I  stood there – stood there –

me being, being there so small

bigger than I was

big enough to let it all in –

wind, water

an all the  broken bits

– let it all in and not be eaten up by it

You Staring at our Three Month Scan

You’re a wonder;

a sculpture, sprawled

on a doctor’s fawning sofa.


Your tummy bare.

With our black and white heir

treading through a monitor

of shadows.


Our unschooled minds aghast

at a ghost with a heartbeat.

A dot, a pea, a locket of skin,

a secret growing into a name.


Today we are parents.

No longer forced like spies to hush words

and halve sentences,

or deal in whispers and sly kisses

to stretching skin.


For three months

You’ve carried our gift

wrapped in a sea of skin.

You and he,

or she?

Your bump, too bold, too brave,

to keep secret.

So today we can tell the world.


Alex Breeze

Formatting your post

If you want to control the format of your post, I don’t recommend formatting it in the program you wrote the text.  This is because different programs can apply formatting codes differently. You can post from Word, but the results can be unexpected – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

If you have set up for a new post, you will have in front of you an edit box with two tabs at the top right hand corner: “Visual” and “HTML”. The latter is, as you might expect, for people who speak HTML, so not recommended if you just want a straightforward post – select the “Visual” tab. At the top of the edit box are a set of buttons. Put the mouse over a button and wait for the popup – it will give you a hint about what it does.

Once you have copied the text from your document, click anywhere inside the edit box then click on the “Paste as plain text” button (it’s the one with the “T” on it). Your text will appear in the default paragraph style. To illustrate what you can do, I have posted some text from a notepad document.

“I am the text from a notepad document

I have been pasted as plain text so I can illustrate that it is possible to format paragraphs in the following ways

centre text

right justify text

change the font colour

indent the text by one

or more


Insert a ♠ or a Ω or any number of weird characters

There are even special paragraph styles (this is heading 2)

But remember that formats apply to paragraphs,

so if you want to change the format of the next line,

you have to make it a new paragraph.

Line spacing is a bit weird in WordPress, so you will have to play with it to work it out. If you insert a paragraph break, it sometimes inserts an extra line for some reason. You can delete the one above the next paragraph.

This is the last line of the text from the notepad document.”