Between 25 and 950 – A short and painful alternative to the Friday night fish and chips.

Last night. 25 pounds ticket.
‘Madam Butterfly’.
Stuck in the car on the motorway.
Friday night on M5, well dressed, prepared to enjoy passion, love, a bit of cultural post modernism wrapped up in intellectual conversations and wine.
As Lucie said… ‘ready to expand my horizons.’
I promise myself I am not going to comment on the huge plastic glass that came from the bar with semi-red wine, or the toilets at the Roses Theatre without paper, the concert hall decorated with green carpets, red chairs and blue walls.
George said I shouldn’t have followed the London Fashion Week.
Mid Wales Opera Chamber Orchestra.
On the stage: Coke, labelled whiskey, photocamera, Clarks, TV, cigarettes without smoke.
Not a show for children, Freddie.
Cio-Cio San struggling to take her clothes off on her wedding night.
A chewing gum Pinkerton.
Spectators falling asleep behind me.
On my left, somebody crying at the end, wiping her eye with the theatre’s toilet paper.
Finally, everybody happy to go home.
Went to bed with a sourly taste in my mouth, from the wine I suppose.
Spent half a night watching online videos with Maria Callas and Angela Gheorghiu.
I need to start saving for that 950 pounds ticket ‘La Traviata’ at Covent Garden.
The pianist’s long fingers saved the show! For me.

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About Maria Stadnicka

Maria Stadnicka is a writer, freelance journalist and PhD researcher based in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. She started writing at the age of seven and published her first poems in 1995. Between 1996 and 2003 Maria lived in Iasi, Romania and won 12 Romanian national prizes for poetry, as well as ‘Porni Luceafarul…’ - First Prize for poetry collection and ‘Convorbiri Literare’ publishing house, First Prize for new poetry collection, Romania. She was a radio broadcaster and member of the literary group Club 8, Iasi, Romania. In 2003, Maria moved to England and in 2010 she became a member of the Stroud Writers Group, Gloucestershire. She read poetry at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, London, Oxford, Bristol, Cheltenham Poetry Festival, Plymouth Language Club, Stroud Book Festival, Tears in the Fence Festival, Winchester University. Maria Stadnicka published poetry in: ‘Wienzeile' literary magazine, (Austria), ‘Cronica’, ‘Poesis’, ‘Hyperion’, ‘LiterNet’, ‘Convorbiri literare’, 'LitMag' (Romania and Republic of Moldova), 'Dissident Voice', 'Angry Old Man', 'Osiris' (USA), 'I am not a silent poet', 'Your One Phone Call', 'Stride', 'International Times', 'Tears in the Fence', 'Amaryllis', Amethyst Review', 'Eye Flash Poetry', 'Litter', 'Molly Bloom', 'Noon', 'Shearsman', 'The Journal', 'The Moth' (United Kingdom), 'Meniscus', 'AXON', 'Social Alternatives', 'TEXT' (Australia), 'The Ofi Press Journal' (Mexico). Published anthologies and poetry collections: -‘O-Zone Friendly’ anthology, (Romania, 2002); - 'Pamphlet 15 – Change and Permanence' (Stroud, UK, 2012); - 'Pamphlet 15 – Trust and Betrayal' (Stroud, UK, 2013); - 'A Short Story about War' (Yew Tree Press, UK, 2014); - 'Stroud Poets' Pamphlet vol. I (Yew Tree Press, UK, 2016); - 'Imperfect' (Yew Tree Press, UK, 2017); - 'Exitus' (Smallminded Books, UK, 2017); - 'The Unmoving' (Broken Sleep Books, UK, Aug. 2018); - 'SOMNIA' (Knives, Forks and Spoons Press, 2019); - 'Bearings 2' (The Poets' Republic Press, 2019); - 'Uranium Bullets' (Cervena Barva Press, US, 2019). Follow on Twitter: @MariaStadnicka Copyright notice: © Maria Stadnicka, 2007-2020. All Rights Reserved. All works, writing, images, and information found herein are protected under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Any unauthorized reproduction or usage is in direct violation of the law and is strictly prohibited. No part or parts of this content may be reproduced, copied, modified, published, or constructed from in any way without the express, direct written permission of Maria Stadnicka.

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